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Terms & Conditions

1. Conditions for using the hire vehicle

1.1 Only the named driver or additional driver named on the vehicle agreement are allowed to drive.
1.2 All drivers must be over 23years of age and must have had the full and valid in Tanzania driving license for at least 2 years.
1.3 Vehicle must not use for any illegal purposes.
1.4 You must not use the vehicle if you are unfit to drive due to Influence of alcohol or drugs.
1.5 Vehicle must not be taken outside of THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA without our written consent.
1.6 Vehicle must not be loaded beyond its maximum weight restriction.

2. Rental Periods

2.1 Rental period is shown on the front of rental agreement under date of delivery. After the end of rental period, Hirer is strictly obliged to return the vehicle back, or to extend the contract. Otherwise carwill betreated asmissing andlegal actionwill be initiated.

3. Charges

3.1 Our charges are based on the current price list and all prices are presented excluding 18% VAT which will be included on the proforma invoice. You will agree to pay us the following:
3.1 All rental charges as shown on the agreement;
3.2 Refueling charge would be applied if you were to return the vehicle with less fuel than we originally supplied. If vehicle is returned with more fuel than the original no refund can be made;
3.3 Excess mileage charges;
3.4 All parking fines, Congestion charges and court costs if any;
3.5 You also agree to pay a reasonable administration charge when we deal with these matters;
3.5 Cost arising due to vehicle clamping and penalties from civil authorities;
3.6 If you are aware of any parking fines, congestion charges, or any other kind of fine that you are liable under this agreement it must be duly paid to the relevant authorities prior to returning the vehicle. It is your responsibility to retain receipts for future reference;
3.7 If the vehicle returned damaged and cannot be rented without the repairs you agreed to pay us loss of use when we demand it. (The max. we will charge you 28 days).

4. Return of Vehicle

4.1 At the end of rental period the vehicle must be returned to Solidarity Cars where the rental supervisor will inspect the vehicle finally asking you to sign the original delivery check list to terminate the agreement.

4.2 All vehicles are subject to daily mileage restrictions please refer to your rental agreement. All extra mileage must be paid as per Solidarity Cars tariff.

5. Collections and Delivery

5.1 Collections and Delivery service is free from charges and you don’t need to pay any additional charges, just to inform Solidarity Cars 24h before.
5.2 You must to agree to return the vehicle immediately if Solidarity Cars asks you to do so. In the event you do not return the vehicle to Solidarity Cars by signing agreement you hear by agree and authorize Solidarity Cars to repossess the rented vehicle by entering to your premises or any other location where the vehicle is believe to be kept.

6. Impounding and confiscation

6.1 In the event a third party impounds or confiscate the vehicle Solidarity Cars must be informed at once. At this point Solidarity Cars will take all necessary measures to safeguard our interest and rights. You will be liable for all the damage expenses arising out of the above whether it is direct or indirect. If the hirer engaging in any illegal act, not ahead to terms and conditions on use of vehicle or any use of the vehicle detrimental to Solidarity Cars this contract will automatically terminate and will request to return the vehicle to the rental location.
6.2 In the event of theft of the rented vehicle agreement will be terminated as soon as Solidarity Cars receives the theft declaration report of the police and the crime reference number. Insurance excess is USD 1800/= in the event of an accident.

7. Hirers Responsibility

7.1. While the vehicle is in your possession you will be responsible for the vehicle, and you must safe guard its keys for loss or theft at all times.
7.2. In the event you lost your keys or broken down you must stay with the vehicle until breakdown service recover your vehicle you must also inform Solidarity Cars at once if during afterhours the special number provided with the rental agreement.
7.3. Vehicle must be protected against bad weather as this can cause damage.
7.4. Hirer must not sublet, sell or dispose of the vehicle.
7.5. Care should be taken to use the correct fuel. In the event hirer cause damage to the engine as a consequence of incorrect fuel this is not covered by the insurance excess therefore you should meet all expenses and loss of use to Eco Vehicle Hire until vehicle eligible to rent.
7.6. Hirer must not carry out any repairs to the vehicle while it is in your possession without our written consent for the particular defect or fault. If we were to give you permission to repair the vehicle we will only refund your deposit if you have a valid receipt for the work been carried out.
7.7. While the vehicle in your possession you must not allow any third party or yourself to tamper with vehicle security system. In the event you disregard this condition Solidarity Cars will terminate your contract and may inform the relevant authorities to investigate further.
7.8. It is your responsibility to insure personal belongings or property to their full replacement value.
7.9 You as the hirer are liable for any damage to the vehicle cause by overhead or low level objects. You are reminded that the Insurance excess does not cover this type of damage.

8. Our Limited Responsibility

8.1 We will maintain the vehicle according to standard service and manufactures recommendations.
8.2 We will inform you and mark on the checking slip existing damages and defects both internally and externally.
8.3 We will ensure vehicle is road worthy and that it is covered by road side assistance.

9. Our Motor Insurance and Damage Policy

9.1. Our insurance provides cover for loss or damage to the vehicle however hirer is responsible forth damage deposit. Deposit varies according to the age of the hirer and the type of vehicle rented.
9.2. Damage deposit that you have to pay is listed on the front of the rental agreement.
9.3. Under the damage protection scheme you are only responsible for the excess we have mentioned on the front of the agreement.
9.5. In the event your vehicle is damaged because of your fault and has to be replaced then for the replacement vehicle you still have to pay another damage deposit.
9.6. If you are involved in an accident and the fault is due to the other party, we will take full responsibility and will assist you in all necessary procedures.

10. Your own Insurance

For business customers we may allow you to provide your own insurance provided we are happy with the level of insurance cover and the policy conditions. We may refuse your insurer if they refuse to record our name as owners of the vehicle. You are financially responsible for any third party claims against Solidarity Cars or its Directors and agree to settle the claim in full if the vehicle is damaged or stolen.

11. Property

Solidarity Cars is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings or property left in the vehicle.

12. What you should do in the event of an Accident

14.1. You must ring Solidarity Cars to inform the accident.
14.2. Take names and contact details of the witnesses
14.3. You must secure the vehicle and wait until the vehicle recovery company takes the responsibility of the recovery.
14.4. Inform police without any delay if there is a disagreement over who is responsible.
14.5. Obtain names and address of everyone involved.


Our standard rates include 100 kilometers per day for commercial vehicles (unless specified). The kilometers are cumulatively (i.e. 7-day hire of a passenger vehicle would give you 700 km of included use). Extra kilometers are charged at 0.4 $ per km.


Driver's Licenses:

All full current Australian and overseas or international licenses printed in English are accepted. Drivers are to be a minimum age of 21 years old. Drivers between the age of 21 and 24 will incur a daily underage fee of $21 a day and are restricted to vehicle size (standard sedan category).

Cancellation Policy

Alpha Car Hire Pty Ltd will charge a minimum cancellation fee of $50 if 7 or more days notice is provided prior to the day of collection. If less than 7 days notice is given or if you don't show on the day of rental the cancellation fee will be equal to 50% of your rental cost.

Inclusions and Extra

Options to Reduce Your Liability - Passenger Vehicles:

All passenger vehicles come with full comprehensive insurance with a standard liability of $3,300 in our standard rates.

Total Protection Package - 25 to 75 year olds only

The Total Protection Package is available to renters between the ages of 25 to 75. This is an optional excess waiver that reduces your financial responsibility in the event of an accident to $0 (zero). This waiver is available at a cost of $32 a day (1-4 days), $22.00 per day (5-10 days) or $16.00 per day (11+ days) and is capped at $500 (you do not pay any more than $500 per rental).

Premium Protection Package - over 25

A Premium Protection Package is available to renters over the age of 25 at an additional cost. If this package is selected it will reduce your Single and Multi Vehicle Accident damage and provide total peace of mind for as little as an additional $23.00 per day (1-4 days), $16.00 per day (5-10 days) or $9 per day (11+ days). By selecting the Premium Protection Package you will reduce your financial responsibility for accident damage to $550.00.

The hirer is given the benefit of this coverage subject to the conditions of hire.

Collision Damage Liability - under 25

A Collision Damage Liability (under 25) is an optional extra that can be taken out to reduce your financial responsibility for multi vehicle accidents only to $1100.00 by paying an additional $22.00 per day (1-10 Days), $15.20 per day (11 plus Days) This under age Collision Damage Waiver is optional.

The hirer is given the benefit of this coverage subject to the conditions of hire.

Exclusions to Excess Waivers

The above offers are not available to commercial vehicles.

Hirers are advised that all reversing damage, overhead, undercarriage, animal damage, water, hail damage, abuse, negligence, however caused - is at the hirer's risk and is not covered by Collision Damage Liability, Premium Protection Package or Total Protection Package.

Please note that insurance is void if the rental vehicle is driven on unsealed roads.

Options to Reduce Your Liability - Commercial Vehicles:

All commercial vehicles come with full comprehensive insurance with a standard liability of $3,300 in our standard rates.

Collision Damage Liability Trucks

All vehicles are insured. By selecting this optional Liability Waiver renters over the age of 25 can reduce their financial responsibility to $770 in case of a multi vehicle accident.

The hirer is given the benefit of this coverage subject to the conditions of hire.

Collision Damage Liability Ute

All vehicles are insured. At an additional cost renters over the age of 25 can select this optional Collision Damage Liability Waiver and reduce their financial responsibility to $770 in case of a multi vehicle accident. The hirer is given the benefit of this coverage subject to the conditions of hire.

Please note that insurance is void if the rental car or vehicle is driven on unsealed roads.

The following are not covered by the waiver:

  • - Single Vehicle Damage
  • - Damage or loss caused to any part of the pantec or box section.
  • - Damage or loss to the tailgate lifter, ramps and associated equipment during usage of those items
  • - Hail
  • - Water Damage
  • - Damage or loss to the vehicle or third party property caused by you failing to secure properly any load or equipment.
  • - Damage or loss caused to the vehicle or third party property by loading or unloading to or from the vehicle.

Administration Charges:

$250.00 minimum admin fee is included in the Single Vehicle Damage Liability

$250.00 minimum admin fee is included in the Multi Vehicle Damage Liability

$10.00 admin fee is charged in addition to unpaid toll fees incurred by the hirer per trip

$99.00 admin fee is charged in addition to any traffic infringements incurred by the hirer during the rental period

Additional Driver:

Additional drivers are protected if nominated for a one off $11 fee per driver.

Child Restraints:

Booster seats, baby seats or capsules if available are $6.60 per day or a maximum of $39 per rental, each.

Rental Duration:

Rental day period is 24 hours, extra hours are 1/3 daily rate until daily rate is reached. Kilometre per day of travel allowance is extended at 1/3 of daily allocation per hour until daily allocation is reached.


There are no refunds for early returns. Any change of plans including requests to extend must be notified to our office


Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. We ask you to refill the tank on return; otherwise a penalty charge for refuelling will be made. This cost is $3.30 per litre with a minimum charge of $20.00.


All vehicles are covered by RACV 24-hour roadside assistance.

Street Directory:

Available upon request. Fees may be applicable.