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Short Term Car Rental

Planning a business trip, a weekend away, or maybe you need a spare car for a couple of days? Solidarity Cars knows that anything can happen. We offer you a car rental for unlimited time.

Make a reservation, so that you know for sure, that when you arrive at the rental station, the car will be waiting for you. It's always better to think in advance!

At your request, we will deliver the reserved vehicle to the place of your choice, with additional charge, and after the rental period is over we will also collect it from the same or any other place. Sometimes this is the best solution.

We do know that anything could happen. Do not worry - should you find yourself in trouble, we will help with a replacement car: whole country, 24/7 Assistance.

Solidarity Mobility 24/7

For your safety all of our offer includes assistance care. It is an additional guarantee for car users in the event of the vehicle becoming immobilized. During the rental period Solidarity customers have the possibility to contact our customer care center or technical support in case of technical problems, questions or additional arrangements in connection with the rental. The necessary phone numbers are provided together with the rental agreement.

If you have any queries relating to SOLIDARITY LEASE please use the following contact numbers: +255 787 233 426 or +255 686 100 005. Our advisors are at your disposal.

Long Term Car Rental (Solidarity Lease)

Solidarity Lease offers an effective combination of advantages coming from car usage and benefits of leasing and rental services. Suitable exploitation planning, possibility of immediate car delivery, vehicle protection these are the features of proposed offer. The Solidarity Lease services are proposed from 3 to 24 months of car usage.

Solidarity Lease enable:

  • selection of any car model from Solidarity Cars fleet
  • assistance of Solidarity Technical Centre
  • definitely lower price of monthly rate (in exchange per exploitation day) comparing to short term rental service
  • no down payment
  • simple procedure of financial standing verification
  • tax advantages e.g. VAT deduction adequate to homologation type of the vehicle

For the whole period of the car usage Solidarity Lease client has the possibility to be advised in case of technical problems by our technicians. The information is also available using the hot line for Solidarity Lease users.

Driver Hire Services

Service offer the professional and well experienced driver with defensive driving. We provide drivers on contract basis for companies with the requirement. Driver will work for you and report daily or when required, we will take all of his responsibility. Some little amount will be needed by the client to support his rewards.

Door to Door

At the client's request, we can deliver the vehicle to a specified location: to the workshop for inspection, to the car wash, for vulcanization, to other branches of your company, or at a person's house. Thanks to door-to-door service, you can save time and money and plan the day ahead in order to fully perform the scheduled tasks. In the meantime, we will take care of your car. Our offer is not only aimed at individual clients, but also leasing companies, long-term rental companies, car dealers and companies having vehicle fleets of their own.

Fleet Management

If you have a vehicle fleet at your business and come to decide that fleet management is too expensive and time-consuming, or would prefer to spend the time and energy usually spent on management, on your company's development, then you will surely be interested in our fleet management service. We offer comprehensive management over your fleet vehicles throughout the country, in terms of servicing, seasonal tires' exchange, traffic-related damage, and - should such need arises - we are able to provide a replacement vehicle from our own fleet.

Passenger Transportation

We provide passenger transportation to every part of Tanzania in comfortable conditions, with Vans (Toyota Noah, 7 passengers + driver) or expanded Toyota Coaster 26-people buses. All our cars are very clean and air-conditioned. We especially serve parties, tours, conferences, weddings, delegations.

The prices are set individually, depending on the type of your order, daily rates and kilometre rates.

VIP Transportation

For the more demanding customers, who want to travel with no stress and with more prestige and comfort, we offer our chauffeurs - guarantee discretion and professional service.

Prices negotiable in case of larger orders.

Vehicles Relocation

This service includes delivering cars from their previous locations to a specified destination. This is convenient especially for companies in possession of large vehicle fleets. Should you have a vehicle in one part of the country and need it in another and have no time or staff necessary to deliver it on your own, we can do it for you.